A FEW FILM HIGHLIGHTS (2005-2011)...



The Doyle family moves to rural California to start a new life, but soon learn this change is anything but what they expected.  There are whispers around town that the place is built on haunted ground. Sara (Tarah Paige) and her boyfriend Cal soon learn the effects 1st hand of what lurks beneath the soil in this long-forgotten town's gravestie and the ugly history that surrounds.

                        Director Tobe Hooper



January 2005. One of the trials and tribulations was the vast mounts of thick prosthetic make-ups used. One scene in particular... throwing up black bile that was rigged to explode into a filthy mess.


                        Jeff Bridges



A rebellious teen, Haley (Peregrym), is forced to embrace the regimented world of gymnasitics again after getting into legal trouble.  Coached by Mr. Vickerman (Bridges) this new life of training is nothing of what it used to be.  Haley's troubles are compounded when longtime rival Tricia Skilken (Paige) returns, determined to get her revenge on Haley for walking out at the World Championships & costing team USA its gold medal!   Once fellow teammates, Tricia has never forgiven Haley for her seeming betrayal of their friendship & to the team.

(Director:  Jessica Bendinger)               


"Bring It On III: All or Nothing"


In this sequel to the original, 2 rival teams of vastly different worlds, battle it out over a spot on National Television. Tarah plays a supporting cheerleader on the Pacific Vista squad. Its Head Cheerleader, Brittney (Panetiere), soon has to transfer schools due to a downsizing of her father's company and thus financial intake. She finds herself on the opposing team, having to adapt in order to win.


 "Left In Darkness"

This dramatic Thriller is the tale of a young girl (Keena) who encounters danger and a strange turn of events as the world she has grown to understand changes in front of her into a horrible nightmare. Even her best friend (Paige), has a terrible secret.

Four hours of prosthetic make-up for nearly two weeks straight on 12-14 hr all-night shoots to

turn into a "Soul-Eater."



          "Still of the Night"

Life on the streets is brutal for these teens... including underground Raver "Cupid." (Paige). But when conditions take a turn for the worse, Cupid and her bottom feeder friends must toughen up, stick together & learn to still some-how survive...the only way they know how.



"The Kitty Landers Show"

The Kitty Landers Show is an upbeat youth-based Nickelodean style comedy about a young lady (Kitty) who is full of creativity and spunk. With the help of her best bud Muffy (Paige), together they team up to make a show within a show that is full of magic and surprise! Kitty also learns some very valuable lessons along the way like just how important true friends really are.

In this dark comedy, a psychotic man with diminished capabilities has an obsession with young high school girls. "Kim," as Otis calls all his victims, is captured over and over again and forced to play along with this deranged man's fantasies. Paige plays Ashlyn Warner, a girl caught up in Otis's scheme until she realizes her only chance for survival is to plan an elaborate escape...

A Christmas Carol (2009)

The timeless Classic of Ebenezer Scrooge, Ghosts of Christmases, & invaluable lessons learned. This Performance Capture tale (in the style of Polar Express) is alive with the splice between real people and animation. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, it stars Jim Carrey & Robin Wright-Penn. (Christmas 2009).

Paige (right) as an instrument for the movement of multiple characters and facial expressions.



In this update of the original tale, Alice returns to Wonderland (or Underland as it is called in this version), to reunite with her old friends and learn her true destiny. Paige plays Alice to double as her action and stunts. The classic tale is brought to life by the talented Tim Burton with all the magic this movie has to offer.



In this remake, Freddy Krueger comes to life again within the dreams of his victims. He won't stop until he gets his revenge on the children of the lynch mob that killed him. Paige performs the stunts for Nancy, the lead, as this knife-handed monster exacts his revenge on her, nearly thrashing the girl to death. Her visions parallel reality and the horror of it keeps her petrified of falling asleep. (2010)



Just as Sam Witwicky leaves home for college and attempts to lead a normal life, he finds himself in the middle of a decepticon plot to revive the fallen and take over the world. This sequel to the original is packed with action as Sam calls upon the auto-bots to help him in this epic battle. Paige plays not only a innocent victim in this battle, but also doubles as a decepticon that is out to get Mr Witwicky in his most vulnerable moments.


MAKE IT OR BREAK IT (2009-2011)

In this Gymnastics Saga, 4 world class young athletes try to balance their personal life with that of their professional careers. They are not only performing intense gymnastics routines, but also dealing with the real life issues of boys, families, friends/foes, competitors, and injuries! Its a journey through the eyes of these athletes as they make their way towards Olympics 2012. Tarah is the Gymnastics Coordinator for the show & does Stunts and on-camera work as well.