Bob Hope Classic       Horseback riding x2       Baldwin Bowling Charity        Cirque USA Show


                     Nightmare on Elm Street         Lost TV Show Shoot             Glee TV Show Shoot            Greek TV Show Shoot


                      Napa Valley Wedding           Washington DC Trip            Aircraft Excursion       Mario Bros Go Carting 


                    The Middle (ABC Series)      Rise of the Apes Movie     Make It or Break It, Seas. II      IGC Gymnastics Camp


                      Niagara Falls Trip        South America Trip          Island of Curacao        Family Holidays 2010



                     Jan 2011 Photoshoot          90210 TV Show        Miller Lite Nat'l Commercial      Living Social Shoot


                    Scion Commercial Shoot   John Carter of Mars Movie     Family Trips 2011          Tokyo, Japan Trip


               Make It or Break It Season III     'Death Valley' TV Show         England Trip May '11       "Ant Farm" Disney Show


                      Maloof Fashion Show             U2 Concert June '11          Workaholics TV Show              Pixie Shoot July '11


                  Good Christian Belles TV         IGC / Evolution Event       How I Met Your Mother         Punked TV Show Sept '11


                   Sky Diving Adventures          Emmy Night Sept 2011

                                                                            COMING SOON!